Friday, 24 February 2012

20th Century Texture Mayhem

Note to self: be more attentive to texture.  Look at the sensuous detail on this West German Vase.

Also a gentle push towards to the 20th Century Society.   
A less gentle prod towards my webshop.  How rude am I?

Friday, 10 February 2012


She's everywhere is that Joanna Lumley: Nepal, Egypt...erm, Bolton.  I even saw her at a National Trust property once jumping the queue.

In the early 1970s Felix Labisse, the surrealist artist, created this fabulous lithographic portrait of the (then) Avengers star.  Whether he made one of co-star Gareth Hunt is open to conjecture...anyway the one below is available in my web-shop.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


When modernish goes on holiday it shuns the big bright lights, the soothing coconut dangling beaches and hedonistic, young people heavy fun spots.  Instead it finds itself seeking design inspiration in suburban Copenhagen - in freezing January of course - and wandering round the architectural legacies the city offers.  So below is a soupcon from a recent trip: Finn Juhl's house, Arne Jacobson's Bellavista complex and lastly the Jacobson Restaurant.  Watch out for an article on the midcentury magazine website detailing the trip... oh yes and see our website for Scandinavian wares...

Finn Juhl's House


ms modernish in the Jacobson restaurant